What is faama-gmbh?

FAAMA GmbH is a wholesale products marketplace that makes it easier for independent retailers to buy from brands and manufacturers around the world. The products are purchased directly from FAAMA GmbH via sellers who ship the goods. The goods are for resale and not for consumption.

Who can create an account on our site?

Wholesalers, manufacturers, sellers and sales representatives, meaning anyone who has a manufacturing or distribution business can create an account and view and sell their products through FAAMA GmbH. From here you can create an account and start adding and selling your products at FAAMA GmbH

Are the sellers checked and the merchandise is genuine?

Yes, every seller is checked by FAAMA GmbH for his business activities (company documents), and only after the results of a positive examination can he publish his offers and products on faama-gmbh. Additionally, we check offers and branded products to confirm the authenticity and origin of these goods.

How can I see the wholesale prices?

We check every offer before we put it on the market. The customer can know the prices and any additional information related to the product and shipping by clicking on the “Request” button next to each product on our website, filling in the required fields, writing the content of the request and sending it to us. We will ensure that all information is provided as soon as possible

How to be safe on faama-gmbh?

Online threats are becoming more common and fraud is getting smarter. However, with a few basic rules, you can greatly increase your online safety. Here are some tips:

  1. Always make sure you are logged into the faama-gmbh.com domain and that the login page is Protected by a certificate.
  2. faama-gmbh never asks for a user account password or other passwords via email or other services. So never share this information.
  3. Always check that the message you've received is from the correct faama-gmbh domain, faama-gmbh.com. We never send messages from other addresses.
  4. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the message received, please contact Customer Service immediately. If possible, please send us the confirmation message received at [email protected] .
Do you want to change or delete your user account on faama-gmbh?

No problem. We will take care of this for you. Just write to us what we should do (delete your account or make appropriate changes) via contact form. Please include your account information (full name, email, company name and number) so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.

Contacting FAAMA GmbH Customer Service

All members and visitors can contact FAAMA Customer Service Professional Support. We strive to resolve every reported issue as quickly as possible. Any inquiry related to our platform, technical issues or other issues facing our customers can be submitted via:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Our social media accounts

We strive to respond to email inquiries in the shortest possible time. Emails that arrive outside of business hours will be answered on the next business day. On holidays, you will receive an email from us when the employee is available to you again.

If our office remains closed for various reasons, information about the reason and duration of the closure will be provided on the contact subpage.

How is translation done in faama-gmbh?

In order to ensure the widest possible range of customers, all offers, products and blogs published on faama-gmbh are translated automatically.

Trading with business partners from other countries, especially within the European Union, is now easy. very recently. We would like to support both buyers searching for goods around the world and sellers, for this purpose we have enabled automatic translation of offers. Offers are translated using Google Translate to ensure the best quality and results.


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