About Us

About us

FAAMA Export & Import GmbH


FAAMA GmbH Export & Import GmbH is an international trading company, its head office is located in Hanover, Germany, and it is specialized in trading worldwide. Our company completely independent to export and import the goods for all manufacturing companies via the formal contracts. Furthermore, we are committed to establish the long-term relationships between the producers and consumers in the export and import market. And we are continuously evolving with the purpose of improving the facilities of economic exchanges and the transit of goods in the world and always operates according to the international standards, principles of professional ethics, modern business rules and appreciates the local and foreign stakeholders and competitors. also, we attempt to improve the business context by facilitating the connection of new products and manufacturer companies with appropriate retailers through all available tools and also by using artificial intelligence. Our website and our pages on the social networks provide the interaction ground between the parties via the following: 

Providing a unique product for each customer in favor of the retailers and companies in the field of the growth of their business.

Providing the capability of fast business activities of commercial companies and manufacturers in the field of every new activity.

Capability to find and buy the unique and high-quality products via our company for the retailers


FAAMA GmbH is primarily aimed at wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, corporate representatives, stationary store owners and online retailers. We, as your business partner, are pleased to offer you a wide range of experiences in marketing and selling your products and services.


Our Privileges

Easy Order of Goods and Services

Dear Customers Can Request All Services Related to the Goods Through the Official Website, Email, Phone Call or Social Networks.


Interaction rapidity

It is done by opening accounts for customers with the purpose of facilitating the abovementioned facilitations and by the customers’ accounts and guaranteed inventories of agencies and importers. Also we have an extensive network of agencies in the field of all our services to facilitate the reception and delivery of goods.


Rapidity of delivery

By choosing the right shipment methods and checking them with the customers and by quoting the price difference between different methods as well as by choosing the importers and safe and adhered routes and proper follow-up, by finding the solutions of all probable problems in the field of shipment of goods, including delay as well as accelerating the relevant affairs in interaction with the routes, importers and all governmental entities.


Devotion to commitment

Due to the nature of our company and the activity in the field of contracting works, we are committed to observing all relationships between our customers and manufacturer companies and we continuously plan to develop, maintain, expand and stabilize the export market of the products.


Our goals

Attaining customer trust.

Providing the excellent services and products.

Strengthening the international and global trade relationships.

Establishing strong and distinctive relationships between manufacturers and customers.

Achieving the determined goals through abundant efforts and personal commitment.


"Careful attention to the demands of customers is the key to our success and we have special concern for each customer,n hence we must attain the customer’s trust and respect through careful work"




Helping to develop online access, increasing the number of customers, sales rate and the number of commercial brands in the interactions.


Exporting goods from manufacturing companies or factories to all countries of the world and performing all customs affairs and customs clearance.

Commercial brokerage

Acting as a commercial broker between the parties of transactions (seller and buyer) and ensuring the process of purchase, sale and transportation of goods and services.


Importing all the target goods with the best quality available at prices agreed by all customers in all countries.